Photography not only conveys the mood and message of the project and complements graphic design elements, it evokes emotions and generates interest. ColorAmerica utilizes both royalty-free stock photography and professional photographers depending on what the project demands.  

photography services

Not all photographers are alike. Let us help you find the best photographer from our expanded network of photographers.

Each specializes in one or more of the following categories:

We can also provide post production, including image editing, rendering and composition.

studio services

We offer both complete packages, as well as individual photoshoot options.

  • Professional Photographer(s) 
  • Studio  (24' x 14' high Backdrop)
  • Shoot Schedule ( Itinerary )
  • Hair & Make-Up Artistry
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Theme  Development
  • Backdrops, Green Screen
  • Set Design & Props 
  • Lighting & Shadow Boxes
  • Creative Direction
  • Catering
  • Large Format Printing

Now offering Videography — Contact our office to learn more.

macro photography

Extreme close-up (detailed) photography can be a useful tool in marketing. Whether used to show the intricacies of a dragonfly wings or the details of a products composition, macro photography can reveal intricate details easier to see,  giving your clientele a much better view of your product.

Marcro images are used for:

  •  Artistic Product Shots used for Advertising, Tradeshow, Web....
  • Comparison of worn / new parts
  • CLICK-ZOOM Products for web (i.e. tip of drill bit)
  • Catalog close-up 
ColorAmerica's Photographer— Mary Priest
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action / powersports

Action photography is literally what it says, capturing action through photography. Showing action and speed by panning the subject like a race car blurring the background showing movement. Another way of showing action is to stop it. Using a fast shutter speed freezing the splash of a jet ski or capturing a baseball just leaving the pitcher’s hand. Action photography captures moments that are in the most part not visible to the naked eye. Action photography is used heavily in advertising showing the power and speed of motor products, showing sports products in use on the field and showing recreational products like bicycles being used by consumers.

ColorAmerica's Photographer— Doug Cross
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photoshoot behind the scenes