Welcome to a new concept in marketing and advertising services. ColorAmerica specializes in reaching a target market of one with "off-the-shelf" pricing. We focus on growing small to medium-size businesses with cost-effective and results-oriented strategies. Whether your company is a start-up or has hundreds of employees, ColorAmerica can help you sell your product or service effectively, on time and within budget.


If your prospects don't know who you are or what you represent, you might as well be wearing a bag over your head. Read more »


Advertising should be lively, interesting and powerful enough to do more than just attract attention, but create positive change... Read more »

logo / corporate identity 

Prospects must know who you are and what you represent. Your first business investment should be in your key signature—your corporate identity. Read more »

responsive web design / development 

Effective use of the Internet is a vital element of most marketing plans today. 
Read more »

graphic design 

Whether your message needs to be ultra-conservative or raw and edgy, our designers leverage their creative talent & professional expertise ... Read more »

print media 

Printed material is an indispensable component in all marketing or promotional projects. The image you present is the reality your customers see. Read more »


Effective copy must support or lead good design, which helps to inform, educate or convince that you offer the solutions they need. Read more »

tradeshow / exhibits 

We offer a variety of trade show services and take pride in our well- designed and thoughtfully laid out displays.  Read more »


Packaging and labeling decisions define the product, display and protect it, and facilitate its shipping and handling.  Read more »


Multimedia is a powerful and dynamic communications vehicle that can be both memorable and provocative.  Read more »

point of purchase 

A place where sales are made. On a macro-level, a point of purchase may be a mall, market or city.  Read more »


Photography not only conveys the mood and message of the project and complements graphic design elements, it evokes emotions and generates interest.  Read more »