ColorAmerica, Inc. provides turnkey marketing solutions and makes the process from concept to delivery easy. We have conveniently broken down the process into three simple phases, each of which are described below.

Phase One :: Discovery and Concepts

With every project, we consult with you to determine your marketing goals and objectives, as well as the time lines and the logistical means to fulfill them (pre, during and post). With your feedback and our behind-the-scenes research, we return with options outlining proven strategies and tactics to reach your target market(s). Presentations may or may not include copy and design concepts that reflect the mood and message of your project or campaign.

Phase Two :: Production and Editing

After receiving feedback from initial concepts and designs, we gather all applicable information and begin compiling all the elements necessary to produce and fulfill your marketing project. These may include copy writing, interviews/testimonials, typesetting and editing, photography, photo editing, illustration, amongst other services specific to your project's needs. Throughout the entire process we are in constant communication with you via email and/or meeting in person until we receive your final "good to go" on your project.

Phase Three :: Bundling, Delivery & Measurable Outcomes

This is where it all comes together. We bundle, coordinate and administer every aspect of your project for delivery to you or your audience, or a third party provider (yours or ours). Outcomes are continuously measured, audited and evaluated to ensure strategies and tactics meet or exceed results.